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Zhengzhou Bilon Instruments Co., Ltd specializes in the research and development and production of Analytical instruments and basic laboratory equipment. All products are under the brand of BILON. Since inception, our company has developed and produced several series and a variety of products, such as Multi-photo-catalytic reactor systems (UV lights, visible lights, simulated sun lights, halogen light sources and light sources, such as different antimony light sources), chillers, low temperature coolant loop devices, low temperature thermostat bath supplies, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pumps, high-precision low-temperature thermostat bath supplies, low temperature circulators, ultrasonic cell crushers, ultrasonic equipment, ultrasonic emulsifying device materials, freeze-drying machines, snow ice machines, double glazing reactors, chromatography experiment freezers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, aseptic homogenizers, incubator ovens, PCR instruments, electrophoresis electrophoresis tanks, membrane separation and purification equipment, spray drying equipment and other products. Our products sell well throughout the country and are accepted by many colleges and scientific research institutions at home.

Our company has specialized technical personnel, advanced temperature control equipment, and perfect production process. We have established a complete quality management system to ensure product quality and safety. To ensure beautiful, practical, stable and cost-effective products, we make efforts to save time for experimentation. We will, always provide you with safe, stable and high-performance laboratory equipment, and make your experiment more easily.

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